97-year-old a regular at senior fitness classes

In 1926, the New York Football Giants opened their second season of existence with a 21-0 win over the Hartford Blues in East Hartford. Frank Pepe’s “apizza” restaurant in New Haven was a year old and sold two pies — tomato and tomato with anchovies. The Model T was the most popular car on the […]

Struggling veteran finds hope at clinic

For Veterans Day, we want to share the story of a veteran who is a client at our Behavioral Clinic at the Institute for the Hispanic Family in Hartford. The clinic offers help through sessions with licensed clinicians and peer support specialists, who offer unique help with clients because they have been down similar paths as those now seeking recovery.

TANF program lifts whole person to a better life

At the heart of all the work performed by Catholic Charities is this old proverb: Give people a fish today and tomorrow they’re hungry again, but teach them to fish and they’ll be fed for a lifetime. Our mission is to uplift people, give them hope, and open doors.  The people served by our programs […]

Clinic care brings out man’s motivation to succeed

There’s a photo of Frankie MacNear holding a brand new laptop and a sign that says “CONGRATULATIONS!” He’s got a big, beaming smile on his face and he looks like he’s laughing. His pride is bursting out from the image. Next to him on a table is a box with “You’re in!” printed on the […]

Bella blossoms in short time at Limitless II program

The Limitless II program operated by Catholic Charities used to have a room that was known as “Bella’s Room.” It was where Bella always wanted to stay – alone – after she joined the program when it opened in March 2022. When the day program for adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities opened at the […]

School program helps students meet GOALS

Sometimes, the tangible benefits of a new program take years to materialize, but that’s not the case with the GOALS program started in March by the Community Schools team at Catholic Charities. For Luis Castellano, a fourth-grader at Hartford’s Parkville Community School, the positive changes quickly happened.  Earlier this school year, Luis was missing school […]

BOOST lifts young mom to economic stability

Working 50 to 60 hours a week and spending little time with a young son was not the life Destiny Peele wanted. The work felt like a “job” instead of a career and it didn’t fulfill her passion to help others. Then she learned about the BOOST 2.0 program while receiving services from the SF2 […]

Fatherhood program strengthens bonds

The presence of a father in a child’s life is undeniably vital and even more instrumental when they have a close relationship. The benefits for sons and daughters include fewer concerns about weight, higher self-esteem, and fewer symptoms of depression. Recent research even suggests a close relationship with a father has a wider range of benefits than […]

Peer Specialists have a unique understanding

Harold Grimes noticed a client not acting like his usual self. He was more quiet and pensive, eventually telling Harold that he was having problems in his marriage and wanted to have a serious, deep conversation with his wife at their upcoming Valentine’s Day dinner. Don’t overwhelm her, Harold suggested, and try a romantic gesture […]

Love blossoms at South End Wellness Senior Center

There are a number of benefits for older residents who visit the South End Wellness Senior Center. They visit each day to take part in enriching and rewarding activities planned to improve and maintain their overall wellness. For one lucky couple who met at the center, this is also where they fell in love. And […]