‘A way forward is found,’ Archbishop says in holiday message

As we celebrate the holidays, we give thanks for our dedicated staff, generous donors and partners, and committed Board of Trustees for ensuring Catholic Charities continues its mission of Providing Help and Creating Hope. We also thank Archbishop Leonard P. Blair for recording the following message, which includes these wise words that illustrate why we answer Christ’s call to serve one another:

“Everyday, because of Catholic Charities, someone’s burden is lessened, a trouble is eased, and a way forward is found.”

As you count your blessings during the holidays, please remember the approximately 10,000 people we serve across the Archdiocese of Hartford, especially those struggling with the challenges of poverty, hardship and despair. A generous donation to our year-end fundraising campaign will help us provide relief in ways such as these:

> Warm homes, food, and other basic needs for families.

> Educational opportunities for children.

> Counseling for those struggling with life’s challenges.

> Compassion and residential placements for developmentally disabled individuals.

> Safe environments for seniors so they are able to enjoy independent, vibrant lives.

Sending a donation only takes a minute, is tax-deductible, and it means so much. To donate, click https://www.ccaoh.org/how-you-can-help/donate.