Adoption and Pregnancy Counseling

Every child has the right to a safe, loving, nurturing, and permanent home. Adoptive parents are able to make an extraordinary difference in the lives of children whose birthparents are not able to provide this setting.

Catholic Charities operates one of the longest-established child placement agencies in the State of Connecticut. Licensed by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, we provide a range of services, including home studies for domestic and special needs adoptions.

Interested in learning more about becoming an adoptive parent? Please scroll down to the contact info below. Our caring professional staff will help you through the process, recognizing and respecting the factors and experiences that have led you to this decision.

Adoption Record Searches

Are you an adoptee and interested in learning more about your background, including birthparents? The following individuals may request an adoption records search in the State of Connecticut:

  • Adult adoptees
  • Biological siblings of adoptees
  • Birthparents
  • Adoptive parents

Please know that special conditions, limitations, and fees will apply to each search. Our caring professional staff will discuss your personal situation and the options available to you. Catholic Charities requires that each request is made in a notarized letter with one form of identification attached. Before submitting this letter, please make contact with our Adoption Coordinator, Nadine Behmke, LMFT, at (203) 787-2207, ext. 237, or by email at to discuss your individual requirements and circumstances.

Pregnancy Counseling

Catholic Charities is staffed by professional social workers who are trained to work with women who are concerned about their pregnancy. Catholic Charities can help link to resources necessary for a health pregnancy, including:

  • Prenatal care
  • Counseling
  • Financial assistance
  • Adoption, if so desired

Wondering how you will manage? We may be able to help. There is no fee for pregnancy counseling. Please reach out today.