Developmental Services

Catholic Charities provides safe, nurturing, and individualized residential programs and adult day services where persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities can reach the highest level of independence possible.

We strive to create programming that accommodates the special needs of each person while focusing on the acquisition and development of daily living skills. Personal goals, identified by our clients, are what drive each plan of care. Residents and other clients are encouraged to continue striving for greater self-sufficiency, self-confidence, and independence.

Thank you to Kathleen, Jacob, Angelique, Zoraida, and every member of our wonderful Catholic Charities staff whose participation made this video possible.

Residential Services

Catholic Charities provides assisted living services in community residences for adults with intellectual disabilities. Our seven group homes across Greater Hartford are structured to provide a safe and nurturing environment where residents can learn new skills to increase self-sufficiency and integrate into the community to the best of their abilities. Each residence is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Limitless Adult Day Programs

Conveniently located in a pair of refurbished schools in Manchester and Newington, Catholic Charities helps cli­ents enjoy a full, well-rounded life. We provide opportunities to develop their personal interests and abilities in both the community and onsite by encouraging participation in personally relevant and enriching activities like gardening, cook­ing, arts and crafts, and job opportunities. Other classes focus on life skills train­ing, self-help, self-advocacy, health and wellness, safety skills and problem solving.

Catholic Charities is able to offer services in a location designed with learning in mind. The program is not only staffed by dedicated and caring professionals and partners, but also provides stress-free ease of access, plenty of parking, classroom spaces, and more. Assistive technology and adaptive equipment help clients to meet their potential and achieve success on their own terms, particularly as they prepare to join the workforce.