Family Centers

Catholic Charities Family Centers are neighborhood hubs that offer a culturally competent and comprehensive approach to the development and enhancement of the family.

Our Family Centers are built upon the principles of parent empowerment and leadership development. They offer children and parents a comprehensive array of programs in neighborhood-based locations, helping children to grow and develop, parents to achieve their own personal and educational goals, and families to build stronger communities.

Catholic Charities operates these Family Centers, but each is influenced by parents and families who assist in establishing the agenda, goals, and objectives that are right for their community. Our Family Centers are located in Hartford, Meriden, New Haven, and Waterbury.

Here are just a few of the programs and services available to our families across the region:

Parenting Support Services

Parenting Support Services is a home visiting program designed to decrease risk factors for child abuse and neglect, helping parents become resourceful problem solvers. As a result, parents will be able to create a positive and safe home learning environment for children to develop emotional, behavioral, and cognitive strengths.

Basic Needs

Catholic Charities Family Centers provides case management services to low-income families in crisis. Services include but are not limited to emergency assistance with housing, food, diaper, and clothing needs; rental and utilities payment assistance; and access to entitlement programs for which they may be eligible, including the SNAP nutrition program.

Institute for the Hispanic Family

Located at 45 Wadsworth Street in Hartford, the Institute for the Hispanic Family offers a wide range of culturally and linguistically competent programs for Hartford’s Hispanic and Latino community. The Institute helps families and individuals, from early childhood to older adulthood, regardless of income, religion, or race. Services include: Behavioral Health programs for adults, adolescents, and children; Basic Needs assistance, including food pantry; the Hispanic Senior Center; and School Readiness programming for children ages 3- to 5-years-old.

TANF Case Management

The Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Case Management program (TANF-CM) is a statewide, home-based case management and basic needs support program designed to promote self-sufficiency and child well-being. This program assists recipients of Temporary Family Assistance through intensive, solution-focused case management and care coordination to identify and reduce barriers to sustained employment, increase access to community resources, and nurture child development.

SNAP Outreach and Enrollment

In order to alleviate hunger in households where families struggle to earn a living, Catholic Charities helps to identify and enroll eligible recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), a federal program that provides nutrition benefits to low-income individuals and families. Catholic Charities is grateful to partner with the Walmart Foundation and Catholic Charities USA to provide both enrollment and education activities in Hartford, Meriden, New Haven, and Waterbury.

Fatherhood Program

Our Fatherhood Program provides resources to help fathers gain awareness of the important role they play in their children’s overall social, emotional, mental, physical, and developmental well-being. Available in English or Spanish, our Fatherhood Program includes home visiting services, groups, and case management.

IICAPS (Intensive In-Home Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Service)

IICAPS, designed by Yale Child Study Center, addresses the comprehensive needs of children with psychiatric disorders whose families need assistance in managing their behaviors to keep them safe in the home and community. The goal of the IICAPS program is to help stabilize children and their families so that the child can remain in the community and be able to use more traditional services, such as outpatient therapy, in order to thrive. IICAPS will work with the family to support the child with their individual needs, the needs of the family, the child’s needs in school, and in the community.

Latino Outreach Program

Operated out of the Institute for the Hispanic Family at 45 Wadsworth Street in Hartford, this unique, community-based outreach program is designed to engage and connect Latinos living in our community with a comprehensive array of human services.