Catholic Charities is committed to providing a supportive environment and a strong sense of community for individuals aged 55 years and older in the City of Hartford.

Our Hispanic Senior Center (45 Wadsworth Street) and South End Wellness Senior Center (830 Maple Avenue) offer enriching and rewarding programs and services, including opportunities to socialize, engage in recreational activities, develop new learning experiences, and emphasize health and wellness.

At our Institute for the Hispanic Family, where the Hispanic Senior Center is located, Catholic Charities provides a regular intergenerational program where children from our on-site School Readiness program are able to interact with the older generation. The result is an enriching social experience across the ages as children and seniors alike benefit from a community of abuelos and abuelas.

Catholic Charities also provides case management service to specifically reduce life stress and maximize the well-being of Southeast Asian seniors, primarily Laotian, in the Greater Hartford area.

For seniors who are experiencing mental health challenges, Catholic Charities is able to provide culturally competent and specialized interventions and advocacy.