Centennial 2020

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, Catholic Charities has indefinitely postponed all Centennial activities. We look forward to celebrating together as a community when it is safe to do so. Thank you!

Throughout 2020, Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Hartford celebrates 100 years of providing help and creating hope to people of all faiths across our community. While we are postponing our plans to celebrate with a series of events across the Archdiocese, we continue to express gratitude and appreciation for the many individuals, organizations, and parishes that have a special connection to the agency and have made our work possible.

Getting Involved

Are you a former staff member of the organization? Was your family at one time affected by the mission of Catholic Charities? Do you have a photograph that represents how Catholic Charities made an impact in your community?

All memories and perspectives are welcome and appreciated. John P. Noonan, Director of Development and Communications, invites you to contact him directly at jpnoonan@ccaoh.org to share what 100 years of Catholic Charities means to you.

For those longtime supporters and friends of the agency, Catholic Charities wishes to express its sincere thanks and appreciation. Without such a sustained and sustaining level of engagement from so many people, this work would not be possible.

The First 99 Years

The organization that became Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Hartford came into being in May 1920 with the establishment of the Diocesan Bureau of Social Services, which coordinated and systemized the work of all Catholic aid organizations across the region.

From the beginning, our organization was responsible for a variety of services and agencies, including a large foster home care program for children, a strong commitment to unwed parents, and permanent adoptive homes for infants.

Over time, the Diocesan Bureau of Social Services changed its name to Catholic Family Services, in order to more adequately represent its function as providing social services to families and children. After many years as an umbrella and unincorporated agency, Catholic Family Services united under one Board of Trustees in 1983 and became Catholic Charities/Catholic Family Services. In 2004, we adopted the name Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Hartford.