Shirt business launched by Limitless program

Before the pandemic, a Developmental Services program at Catholic Charities purchased equipment for clients in an employment project to make T-shirts. Then everything shut down and Limitless, a day program in Newington for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities, carried on without a reason to use the equipment — until Harc wanted something special for its annual walk-a-thon.

Harc, the Hartford-based nonprofit that cares for people with intellectual and related disabilities, wanted T-shirts for its Walk N Roll fundraiser that was held May 13 at Dunkin Park, where the Yard Goats baseball team plays. Harc came up with a shirt design and the Limitless staff and clients took over. They used the opportunity as part of the Group Supported Employment (GSE) program, which helps participants gain abilities and knowledge that can lead to meaningful employment. Dylan, Tyshaun, Patrick, Kevin, Jason and Tomasz all worked hard through the process — shopping for materials, peeling stickers, ironing shirts, cleaning up after each day, and eventually delivering the 115 finished shirts to Harc. 

“They were all very proud of the work they did, as they should be,” said Jessica Czarnota, Assistant Director of Adult Developmental Day Services at Catholic Charities. “They’re so excited to continue on making more shirts.”

In addition to Jessica, helping to get the T-shirt project off the ground and rolling were Day Program Manager Courtney Lausier; Jillian Webb, Senior Director of Developmental Services; Program Supervisor Karen Lee; and Direct Support staffers Crystal Ramos and Casman Allerdyce.

“We are beyond grateful to Harc for trusting us with making the T-shirts for their annual walk-a-thon. It truly was an honor,” Jessica said. “The experience was a lot of fun, and we can’t wait to grow this part of our program.”

Catholic Charities operates Limitless in Newington and also a Limitless II program in Manchester, plus residential services in seven group homes around Greater Hartford. 

The goal of our Developmental Services programs is to accommodate the special needs of each person so that they can increase self-sufficiency and develop daily living skills. All of the individuals in our care are encouraged to gain self-confidence and independence.

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Wearing shirts made by the Limitless program at Catholic Charities, participants in Harc’s Walk N’ Roll fundraiser pose with Chompers, the Yard Goats mascot. (Photo from Harc)