Marek K. Kukulka
Chief Executive Officer

Liz Bryden
Chief Operating Officer

Brian Zebrowski
Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Caraballo-Mendez
Senior Director of Early Childhood Programs

Joel Cruz
Senior Director, Institute for the Hispanic Family and Family Strengthening Programs

Suzanne DeRosa
Senior Director of Behavioral Health

Marie Mormile-Mehler
Senior Director of Grants and Program Development

John P. Noonan
Director of Development and Communications

Dew Rosado-Torres
Senior Director of Developmental Services

Mark E. Wiles
Director of Information Technology

Board of Trustees

At the heart of our nonprofit agency, our volunteers give generously of their time, talent, and support. Thank you to our Board of Trustees for their commitment to providing help and creating hope all year round.

Deacon Dennis R. Ferguson
Chairperson, Board of Trustees

  • Elizabeth F. Ahlstrand
  • Ronald J. Artale
  • Denise W. Coley, Psy.D.
  • Neil Cybart
  • Anne M. Danaher
  • Thomas M. Griesing
  • Marie K. Hopkins
  • Bill Husic
  • Drew Iacovazzi
  • Arturo Iriarte
  • William J. Jordan
  • Rev. Robert Kwiatkowski 
  • James LaCroix
  • Cindy Liu
  • John Livingstone
  • Patricia A. MacRae
  • Franklin E. Perry II
  • Daniel P. Quigley
  • Patricia A. Reynolds
  • Thomas J. Satalino
  • Patricia J. Weis
  • Olin West